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The heart of the Car Capsule and Bike Capsule is a high-pressure fan providing continuous airflow keeping your vehicle or motorcycle dry and preventing condensation. With the Evaporative Storage System, the filtered air inside the bubble changes 3 to 6 times every hour keeping the temperature inside consistent with the temperature outside and eliminating any moisture to condense on your vehicle or motorcycle. 



Inflatable Car Wash Mat

The water containments mats are perfect for your car washing business.                                                                                       

You can take this anywhere and sets up in minutes.  Available in different colours, please contact us if you need any help with this.

Inflatable Car Wash Mats are ideal for capturing and containing water to prevent run off into drains, to allow water recycling, or for anywhere an environmental issue may accrue.  Mobile Inflatable Car Wash Mats are easy to set up and remove, providing you with great flexibility. Inflatable Car Wash Mats take seconds to inflate and provide a sealed, watertight floor. We manufacture inflatable car wash mats in sizes suitable for use with cars and larger commercial vehicles.

Inflatable Car Wash Mat


Q. If I put my car away wet, what will happen?

A. The  inflatable Car Capsule is an evaporative system. The constant air change will evaporate all moisture in a matter of hours. This will prevent rust from the exterior parts while eliminating mold and mildew from the interior.

Q. Should I leave the windows up or down inside the inflatable Car Capsule?

A. You should leave the windows either down all the way or at least half the way down. If you have a convertible the top should be put up so that it will not trap moisture in the compartment it is stored in. This will let the air circulate throughout the interior keeping it dry and odor free.

Q. How much room does the  inflatable Car Capsule take up?

A. Once inflated the inflatable Car Capsule takes up about 1 foot on either side of the vehicle. The front and back depend on what size inflatable Car Capsule is used.

Q. What happens if I get a hole in it?

A. The upper shroud is made of 10 mil PVC. If you do happen to puncture the unit, use a piece of clear 100% PVC shipping tape. This will bond to the upper shroud and will not come off.

Q. What if the power goes out?

A. The cover will deflate and turn into a regular car cover. When the power returns it will re-inflate in a matter of minutes. Make sure the fan is not laying flat otherwise it will not inflate.

Q. If you are bringing in the air from the outside you are also bringing in the humidity from the outside. How does the vehicle stay dry?

A. The inflatable Car Capsule does not eliminate humidity it eliminates condensation. The fan exchanges the air by volume 3-4 times an hour. This constant air change and air flow does not allow hot air and cold masses to meet. This in turn eliminates condensation and keeps the vehicle completely dry no matter what the temperature or humidity level.

Q. Do you need to use another cover with the inflatable Car Capsule?

A. You do not need to use another cover with the inflatable Car Capsule. This will only block air from circulating in the interior and might trap moisture.

Q. Can the inflatable Car Capsule be used for short-term storage?

A. The inflatable Car Capsule can be used for short-term, long-term or anything in between. It takes about the same time to use as a regular car cover except for the inflating of the unit. It takes a few minutes to get the car out.

Q. Do you have to drain the gas tank or any other fluids before you put the vehicle away?

A. No, the basemat is impervious to gas, diesel, oil or antifreeze. You do not have to worry about these odors because the air is constantly changing.

Q. Do you have to use any dry packs or chemicals to keep the vehicle dry?

A. No, dry packs or chemicals are not needed. This is an evaporative system that uses air flow to prevent condensation. This enables you to take your vehicle in and out anytime you want without having to mess with chemicals or dry packs.

Q. Will the inflatable Car Capsule protect my vehicle from rodents?

A. We have had hundreds of customers tell us they have not had a problem with any kind of rodents chewing through the material.