Have you ever attempted to decorate your club, bar, night club or event only to have it fall just short of fabulous? 

If youre holding an event, LED INFLATABLE are one the best of option for fantastic decor, let's you making sure that hold event successfully.

Theyre large, beautiful, and best of all, theyre easy to handle. Decor that does it all is so hard to come by, but with the LED inflatables from XiangHe Inflatable, you can create a great environment for your party goers.

Ready to add even more drama and dazzle to your custom inflatable displays? Consider LED lighting. Today's light-emitting diode (LED) lights can take your Landmark custom inflatable to a whole new level of eye-popping splendor. Best of all, they offer an array of advantages over old-fashioned incandescent bulbs.

For starters, these new lights cost less than you might think... and prices keep plunging, even as the technology keeps advancing. What's more, they're even more affordable over time, thanks to their longer lifespan and lower operating cost.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a quality LED bulb can last more than 25 times longer than traditional lighting. Plus, it uses energy far more efficiently than your typical incandescent bulb, which consumes up to six times more electricity!

LED lights are also significantly safer. Unlike standard bulbs, they never get hot, so you can use them with a wide range of synthetic materials without worrying about possible combustion.
These lights are more versatile, too. You can program them to blink, flash, dim, change colors, produce rainbow effects, and more. You can even time and pace the color changes, so they'll coordinate with music and other elements of your display.

What's more, since LEDs are so much smaller than regular bulbs, they'll easily fit any inflatable design, including complex shapes with intricate internal structures. For example, check out Landmark Creations' inflatable stage props for recent performances by pop icon Katy Perry and mashup DJ Girl Talk (Gregg Michael Gillis). Plus, see Landmark's seasonal displays for SeaWorld Parks. All integrate dazzling luminous effects into challenging, detailed designs.

Find out how you can add a breathtaking light show to your next inflatable display. It's easier (and more cost-effective) than you'd imagine. And the creative possibilities are endless!

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