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What Is Inflatable Decontamination Tent


Inflatable decontamination tent

 Inflatable Decontamination Tent

The inflatable decontamination tents allow 6 people to live inside it at a time. For every phase, these tents have separate blocks that a person has to go through. Also, gender separation happens inside the tent. Several other instruments can also be installed inside the tent-like AC, window, doors, showers, etc as per the need of an individual. These tents have proved to be faithful when major outbursts happen in a country so that they can deal with it not allowing any more to be affected. 




1.     Multi-stage decontamination tent - People who have been contaminated are taken and are kept in 6 different blocks. Components required by an individual are pre-installed. It is quick and easy to set. It does not require secondary assistance. Anyone can customize and arrange according to their needs. Anti-mold and mildew material are used. 


2.    Hazard tent – This tent is used in different conditions. It practices resilient resources for lethal materials. Tents like this are supported by itself. It is not heavy to manage and is not difficult to deposit. It requires only two people to open and set it. These tents can be practiced in less or more than three minutes. It is used in any environmental situation.  


3.    Medical and emergency tents – These inflatable decontamination tents use momentary housings. It is used when there is a requirement of a sudden deployment. It has all mechanical characteristics built inside it. It can be found in areas where conditions are adverse due to a sudden outbreak of a deadly disease or anything else. These tents can be crammed and deposited. For environments that are difficult to handle, these tents can also work there.  


4.    Derby Door – It is created in corporation with derby hospital’s Paul Brooks for efficient decontamination of affected people. Its door is tested with hydrogen peroxide which just takes a couple of minutes to locate and bloat the door. It does not impact the decoration which is there at the neighboring. The reason why hydrogen peroxide is used as it is operative in areas which are covered/sealed.


5.    Triage tent – These tents have good heating and cloistering functions. These tents are developed for its primary use that is keeping the patients isolated so that he/she does not spread the same to others. 


6.    Multi-Functional tent – it is 8m in length and 6m (approx.) in width. It was designed to permit entry and exits on each adjacent. The most common multi-functional tent is AQ5983 as it has necessary buildings and structures for a different outcome. 



Pneumatic structure design allows the tent to become usable within minutes. These tents are for emergency circumstances like field infirmaries, reserve housings and command posts. All this allows its long-lasting and powerful edifice has good placement. Inflatable tent AZF can be built even if 2 people are working on it. It all is dependent on its proportion. It is done with the help of an electric blower. Also, they are easy to carry as people can travel by holding it by hand and open wherever necessary (on any kind of atmospheric situation and any kind of topography).  


By using a supplied adapter and flaps, the tent can be made to join each other either in forward-facing to forward-facing or forward-facing to sideways around the entrances. AZF tents have UV resistant, PVC-coated fabric and flame retardant of both adjacents. HF welding is grasped with every layer, even between the flooring and tent skin ensuring total protection from inside. 


There is a removable link by which the beam is attached with tent skin using nuts and bolts. Henceforth it is easy to remove or to replace tent skin or any part of the pneumatic system. Telescopic aluminum bars are used as spacers for the roof space. To avoid impairment to the tube system (can happen by overpressure), the inflatable structure has chambers that work as a pressure relief valve. 



ZUMRO was developed in 1987 in Air shelters, LLC. To provide a good quality product, many engineers are skilled, have experience and are devoted to serving their customers. The manufacturing industry believes that there is no such answer to all the queries and problems. For their customers, they have a design studio and in-home engineers to solve and provide answers for them (even it is about integrating features, describing options that the recent item has or asking to create a whole new system).  


ZUMRO has the best technology which works on “low-pressure, high-lift” for 30 years. With this technology, it is the leading creator of inflatable shelter systems. The technology helps in salvaging people to recuperate automobiles where small airbags are used. The reason why this technology was used to create locates shelter systems that have an excellent strength, good pace for deployment to happen and also it should be easy and smooth to use. Both technology and a steady New Product Development helps in finding answers for inflatable shelter. 

The system starts inflating at 100sqft every minute with curtains, plumbing, and LED is already fitted. It is easy to start the inflator as all you have to do is attach it and simply turn the inflator on. There is no need for unremitting inflation because of airframe design which works in low pressure. 





This tent is used at the time of the threat caused by something bigger (natural disasters) or an epidemic of things released from a chemical, etc. Due to this, a large number of people or animals are affected in a small amount of time. 



1.     The inflatable basin can be removed so that contaminated water doesn’t get collected in the shower

2.    Decontaminated agents are mixed with the water heater flow that is incessant

3.    For people who can’t move are guided through a way that is a central corridor

4.    3 detached corridors for providing space to the patient (made from curtains which are used as a barrier) 

5.    For showering, cross dividers are made to get uncloak and vice-versa.