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  • Payment Notice
    13.11.2016 Industry knowledge
    Attention: In order to protect both our interests and the interests of our clients, all business-related information must pass through the company’s e-mail address. Please process payments through the authorized bank account of t......
  • Water Inflated Cofferdams VS Sandbags
    10.10.2016 Industry knowledge
    Two of the most common ways to provide flood protection for an area are typically inflatable cofferdams or sandbags. At XiangHuiHe®️ Dams we help our clients from all over the world install highly durable water inflated &......
  •  Quality Assurance
    08.11.2015 Industry knowledge
    Inspection of raw goods that arrive at our factory to make sure that the materials are received as ordered, and that the specifications that we have required are met. Anything less than what we ordered is refused.  Inspection of ou......
  • How to protect your car in flood!
    12.09.2013 Industry knowledge
    How to protect your car in flood! When the storm comes, the floods overflow. Now we have design a clothing for the car, waterproof bottom protect the car not into water Whenever on street or car garage. This all-inclusive flood-proof car co......
  • How to repair inflatable products
    19.08.2011 Industry knowledge
    1,Clean the area around the hole of the inflatable and patch with a piece. 2,Cut a circular patch from the repair kit provided. 3,Apply the glue provided to the around the hole and patch. Wait a few minutes until a little tacky and then put......
  •  Set-up-Instructions-Inflatable -Products
    12.12.2010 Industry knowledge
    1.      Check the ground where the bouncer will be set up for any sharp objects or debris. Do not install the product over concrete , asphalt or any hard surface. 2.     Place the bounc......