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  • How to repair inflatable products
    19.08.2011 Industry knowledge
    1,Clean the area around the hole of the inflatable and patch with a piece. 2,Cut a circular patch from the repair kit provided. 3,Apply the glue provided to the around the hole and patch. Wait a few minutes until a little tacky and then put......
  •  Set-up-Instructions-Inflatable -Products
    12.12.2010 Industry knowledge
    1.      Check the ground where the bouncer will be set up for any sharp objects or debris. Do not install the product over concrete , asphalt or any hard surface. 2.     Place the bounc......
  • Maintenance Inflatable Products
    19.03.2010 Industry knowledge
    1.  Inspection and maintenance should be conducted before each usage to check for any damage to the bouncer. This should also be carried out at regular intervals during usage to prevent the bouncer from overturning or otherwise be......
  • Safety Notice About Inflatable Games
    09.10.2008 Industry knowledge
    1.       Failure to follow the specified instructions may result in serious injury. 2.       Product is heavy. Use caution when lifting. 3.     &......
  • Take Down Instructions-Inflatable Products
    17.01.2007 Industry knowledge
    1. Make sure all children exit the bouncer. 2. Makes sure the bouncer is free of foreign objects. 3.Turn the blower power switch to OFF. 4. Unplug the blower power cord. 5. Loosen the Velcro and detach the inflation tube from the blower. 6.......