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Air Blob
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Air Blob

Product ID : 001
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Inflated: 900cm x 371cm x 145cm Packed: 120cm x 100cm x 90cm Weight: 90kg

Product Description

Custom Big Air Blob


       Air Blob is an exhilarating, hair-raising flying through the air experience that will leave you breathless. Purposely engineered for superyachts, this blob has side stabilising outriggers to handle ocean waves and a fitted cradle to keep the blob safely positioned away from the hull.

       The Blob works how you might imagine it to – it’s just a massive thing (not really sure else to describe it) that’s filled with enough water so that when someone jumps onto it one side it moves the water to the other side of the Blob, causing anyone sitting there to be catapulted about 55 feet into the air. 

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