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Drive in Carport Car tent with frame
Drive in Carport Car tent with frame Drive in Carport Car tent with frame Drive in Carport Car tent with frame Drive in Carport Car tent with frame Drive in Carport Car tent with frame

Drive in Carport Car tent with frame

Product ID : CT-01
Product Attributes :

1.The outer skin is made from a 210D oxford cloth material ,provides all the protection of the normal Car capsule while ensuring that nothing ever touches your vehicle, simply drive the vehicle into the tent, zip shut the access panels and turn the power on.
2.The Drive-in carport internal frame supports the body of the tent when the access panels are opened; this allows you to easily park or remove your vehicle. The side panels of the tent open up to allow easy access to perform any activities on your vehicle.
3. Can also be used as an indoor unit having the added benefit of providing additional security by not allowing the vehicle to be viewed, also offers added protection from UV light.

Product Description

Indoor car garage capsule tent inflatable drive in Carport

drive in Carport

drive in Carportcar tent

1、Drive In Model Features:
① This Drive In model uses FRP tube which provides vehicle access to the rear and excellent access along both sides of the vehicle.
② The Drive In Model has been designed for indoor use.
③ The Drive in model is ideal for the more frequent user and also the enthusiast who needs access for detailing or maintenance.
④ Three opening sides provide all-round access into the Drive In environment, providing enough space to fully open all the car doors.
⑤ The Drive In Model use 12V 10W air fan for the interior airflow circulation.

2、Before Setting-Up it:
① While you can set-up on dirt or gravel, be sure there are no sharp rocks that could wear through the floor over time.
② Make sure there are no holes in the set-up surface with edges that could wear through the floor.
③ Some owners concerned with coarse surfaces put an additional tarp on the ground for added protection.
④ If the set-up surface has really large or coarse gravel we suggest a placing a plank underneath the zipper where the tires track. This avoids grinding the zipper into the gravel, thereby avoiding subsequent damage to the zipper.

3、How to use our Drive in
Step 1- Unpack the car cover and spread it on the base.
Step 2- Put all the FRR tubes inside the car cover.
Step 3- zip shut the car cover.
Step 4- Plug in the power and inflate the car cover.
Step 5- Get into car cover and set up the tubes according to the installation drawing(Please see the installation drawing on the other paper).
Step 6- Open the zip of front panel.
Step 7- Drive the vehicle into the car cover.

4、Maintenance Tips
① Clean the Air fan filters every few months (and more frequently in dusty environments) with soap. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry.
② Use a car duster to dust the top and sides off.
③ Wash with mild soapy water.
④ Periodically check fans and power adapters to ensure proper operation.

Items Length (Meters) Width (Meters) Height (Meters) Sample cost (USD)
CT-4.5 4.5 2.0 1.8 297
CT-5.0 5.0 2.3 1.8 315
CT-5.5 5.5 2.3 1.8 345
CT-6.0 6.0 2.5 2.0 399
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