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Inflatable Giant Snow Globe
Inflatable Giant Snow Globe Inflatable Giant Snow Globe Inflatable Giant Snow Globe Inflatable Giant Snow Globe

Inflatable Giant Snow Globe

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Inflatable Giant Snow Globe

Material:  waterproof, flame-retardant, UV-resitant and Non-toxic PVC and transparent PVC. With 4P/ROHS/EN14960 certification.

Diameter: can be 3m, 4m, 5m or customized

Power plugs: can be customized, 110v(USA/Canada) or 220v(Europe) or  240v(Australia/New Zealand

Backdrop, size and logo can be customized as you nee

Usage: holiday fairs, carnivals, special events, shopping mall displays, photo booth etc.

Product Description

Inflatable Giant Snow Globe--the best way to present a creative and unique advertising

Giant Snow Globe is an exceptional tent that draws everyone’s attention. Its round wall is made of durable and completely transparent PVC. The construction of the Bubble Tent is stable thanks to the air that is constantly inflate. Bubble Tent is a great place for presenting services, because it is covered and it has a special tunel entrance. You can enter this magical crystal ball via a double door system based on a special design.

You can use giant snow globe and arrange the inside in an endless number of ways. Snow Globe works perfect for advertising and promotion. Every event with an amazing Giant Snow Globe becomes instantly more popular. A transparent tent is a wonderful element for thematic events or an extraordinary ornament – it’s great for Saint Nicholas Day, Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine’s Day. 

The Giant Snow Globe is more than just an innovative solution for events. You can also use it in many unusual ways. It will be a perfect oxygen tent for a SPA center, a silent and calm restroom in offices, a cafe on a rooftop, a hotel room that’s as close to nature as possible, a winter garden for cafes and restaurants, a stall during fairs, a VIP section. You can also arrange a massage parlour, an aromatherapy room, or a yoga space in a Snow Globe. It will be the perfect guest room, too. The Bubble Tent can be used for any creative and original idea.

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