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Inflatable Helium Sphere
Inflatable Helium Sphere Inflatable Helium Sphere Inflatable Helium Sphere Inflatable Helium Sphere

Inflatable Helium Sphere

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Inflatable Helium Sphere

Size: 0.6~3 m / 2~9.9 ft diameter or custimized

Material: 0.18mm PVC or customized

1pc Inflatable inflatable helium balloon+repair kit

It can be equipped with internal lighting or with RGB LED lighting.

Production Time: About 1 week

Perfect for outdoor/indoor trade shown, party, stage prop and more.

Product Description

Inflatable Helium Sphere

inflatable helium sphere

custom inflatable helium balloons

We worked with Imtra Corporation to create this 6.6Inflatable Helium Sphere. It features two sided logos(can print one side logo) and is constructed of a durable material. 6.6′ balloons are excellent for trade shows because they are a simple, cost-effective way to get your logo up in the air above the crowed for all to see. Helium balloon use allows the exhibitor to implement their own signage without having to use expensive labor. They also deflate into a small package that is easy to store and travel with. For more information about our trade show balloons, contact us today.

The inflatable helium balloons have a diameter of 0.6 to 3 m.

If you want the balloon to rise to the sky, you need to fill it with helium gas.

The 2.5 m balloons requires about 8.4 m3 of helium gas.

A 3.0 m balloons requires about 14 m3 of helium gas.

Larger balloons have higher payloads and are less exposed to wind, which is a major risk factor when using helium balloons.

Helium gas loss per day - 5-7% of total volume. So every few days you will need to replenish the advertising balloon with the outgoing helium gas (helium simply evaporates through the walls of the balloon due to the extremely small molecules).

inflatable Trade Show Balloon

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