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Inflatable safety cushion
Inflatable safety cushion Inflatable safety cushion Inflatable safety cushion Inflatable safety cushion Inflatable safety cushion

Inflatable safety cushion

Product ID : SCF-001
Product Attributes :

Person(s) needed to operation ≥ 3

Dimensions (after installation) 8.5X 6.5 X 2.5 (m)

Ground Required ≥ 9.0 X 9.0 (m)

Weight (include Fans) 166 Kg

Install time ≤ 120 sec.

Recovery time ≤ 20 sec.

Max. height for use ≤ 60 m

Product Description

Introduction of inflatable safety cushion

inflatable safety cushion is made of a hardy PVC tarpaulin with fire resistant function. Evacuation must be conducted with only one person at a time.

After a refugee completes the evacuation, the rescue air cushion must be cleared. The succeeding refugee must wait until the cushion is completely restored before escaping.

Rescue air cushion must be placed where escapees can fall on the middle of the rescue air cushions.

Figure Images of inflatable safety cushion

inflatable safety cushion

Description of Safety Air Cushion

This from high rise buildings in emergency. equipment is the fire escape device by jumping into the cushion Dam-proof, anti-acid, great resistance in tearing and abrasion, provides them with highest safety level of the products.This equipment is quickly inflated with only a small amount of air.This can be huge and protect escapers safely. When a falling rescuee is hitting the drop point of the cushion, the construction will deform and the pressed air in the octagon is escaping through the relief holes, this is the way to absorb sudden shocks. After one escaper has been out from will automatically erect itself and can be used again for rescuing persons.


1) Check the power and 2 fans.

2) Carry this equipment to the area where you want to install,the area need at least 9.0m X 9.0m for installation.

3) Unfold the equipment in the place.

4) Connect the fans to the air injection ducts of this equipment.

5) Operating generator and turn on the switch of fans.

6) This equipment will install itself and fully erect.

7) After be moved to where it needed.the equipment fully erect, then ready for use and can


1) After rescue, turn off the fans and generator.

2) Separate the fans.

3) After airs are deflated, fold it according to folding method.

4) Carry the equipment away to clean area.

5) Re-fold the equipment as before unfold.


To clean this equipment only warm water (Max.40℃) can be used with a regular detergent. before packing this equipment should be fully dried. This equipment should be checked by an authorized institute and this is to be noted in the inspection report.

1) When Thand clean and dry it.is equipment not been used, unpacking this equipment

2) The Cylinder must be filled immediately for next time.

3) Check it carefully, if this equipment is no tore or no burned.

After Use Maintenance and Storage

1. Annual Check


3.5 Storage Always keep in dry place for re-using.

4. Documentation Every training, check, repair and every use should be documented in the documentation report. Annual inspections, rep airs and inspection after ares cue jump should be separately documented in the inspection report.

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