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Inflatable Car Capsule /Wash Mat

Inflatable Car Capsule  /  Bike Capsule

The heart of the Car Capsule and Bike Capsule is a high-pressure fan providing continuous airflow keeping your vehicle or motorcycle dry and preventing condensation. With the Evaporative Storage System, the filtered air inside the bubble changes 3 to 6 times every hour keeping the temperature inside consistent with the temperature outside and eliminating any moisture to condense on your vehicle or motorcycle. 

Inflatable Car Wash Mat                                                                                

Inflatable Car Wash Mats are ideal for capturing and containing water to prevent run off into drains, to allow water recycling, or for anywhere an environmental issue may accrue.  Mobile Inflatable Car Wash Mats are easy to set up and remove, providing you with great flexibility. Inflatable Car Wash Mats take seconds to inflate and provide a sealed, watertight floor. We manufacture inflatable car wash mats in sizes suitable for use with cars and larger commercial vehicles.


Q. If I put my car away wet, what will happen?(More......

100% Custom Made Inflatable Car Capsule /Wash Mat