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Inflatable Advertising: Efficient Outdoor Advertising Techniques

It is important for organizations of all types, sizes and domains to advertise their products and services from time to time to make aware of their presence in the market among their potential clients. There are different types of advertising techniques that are being used, which includes both traditional and modern methods. 

Outdoor advertising

It is regarded to be cost effective method to increase brand visibility and reach the target audience in minimum timeframe. Several outdoor advertising forms exist. There are conventional forms used like vehicle advertisements, billboards or street furniture. Also are present unconventional methods to advertise, which definitely offers equal or much more opportunities to help draw attention. Inflatable Advertising is considered to be one such popularly availed unconventional form. It is also stated to be an affordable way to promote the brand. 

More about this advertising method

It is actually a commercial signage type that is filled up with air. It can be of any imaginable shape and also be available in sizes, ranging from hot air balloons to handheld ones. The popular inflatable ad types that organizations can be found to use to promote their business includes custom inflatable shapes, blimps, display boards that is air filled,Inflatable Balloon,Inflatable Mascots,Inflatable Arches, Inflatable Snow Globe,LED Inflatable,Inflatable Replicas,Air Sky Dancer,Inflatable Billboard,Inflatable buoy and much more!  

What benefits can be derived by using Inflatable Advertising?

·      Unconventional: It definitely not has been the average advertising technique used by majority of the companies. But it is known to give very high regard to innovativeness and creativity. Moreover, inflatables are fun and exciting and just loved by children and adults alike. This type of advertising also has managed to common attention from the potential customers. Commercial balloons can be found to sport brilliant, vibrant and exciting shapes and colors. Being 3D, it can be viewed from all directions and hence, be an effective form of advertisement.

·      High frequency visibility: To ensure boost brand image, the advertising used should be simple, visible and easy enough to be remembered by every onlooker. Following this for example, can help enhance brand exposure among the public in a crowded fair, convention or festival. Also will wonderfully extra large blow-up of the company’s signage, mascot or logo overlooking the masses. When outdoors, the organization is likely to use fully the commercial space. Here, using gigantic blimp or balloon can demand consumer attention. 

·      Convenient: This type of advertising can be highly convenient, as majority of the space taken when on display is actually on air. This way, with very less material, it becomes possible to accomplish filling up huge amount of space. Upon deflating it, the same can be folded back and carried like a tent in camping. For the inflatable’s potential size, ability to deflate and to carry around the piece is quite convenient. 

·      Unlimited usage: Large vehicle signage and billboards can be cumbersome to be stored for later use. Due to its nature, such outdoor advertising forms are usually printed, painted and torn done after use. But the inflated forms of company logos and signage are deflated easily and store for next use.

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