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Inflatable Mascots

Inflatable Mascots Take Your Product to the People!

Want to bring your company mascot to life?

If you want to create instant brand awareness and foster authentic interactions between your company and your customers at trade shows, charity events, franchise promotions, in-store sales, fundraisers and outdoor events, then inflatable Mascots are right for you!

Inflatable Mascotss have the huge advantage of mobility. Rather than remaining tethered, like banners or promotional balloons. An inflatable costume (and the person inside) can move around the trade floor or fairground to make genuine, personal connections with your target audience.

We can help boost your business at crowded trade shows, fairs, sporting events and concertsboth indoor and outdoor! 

We can make inflatables in almost any conceivable shape, from people to animals to objects.

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100% Custom Made Inflatable Mascots