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Inflatable Structures for Indoor and Outdoor Events

we aim to provide cutting edge structures to cover any event both indoor and outdoor. We can offer a creative solution to every brief undertaken, drawn from our extensive product range that has structure sizes to fit the most demanding of requirements. The modular format offers an excellent creative potential for any event or promotion.

Our inflatable structures range from custom inflatable structures and inflatable domes to inflatable marquees and sports domes. They each create a visual impact and resilient in all-weather with its high performance versatile event space.

Structures can be supplied in standard airflow (fan driven) or as a sealed air beam design and the multilayered engineering provided by both options allows them to withstand the toughest conditions and so be used in the most demanding of environments.

100% Custom Made Inflatable Structures

About custom tents

The company’s marketing strategy may involve participation in numerous outdoor events to promote its brand of business. Having high visibility and attractive tent is sure to boost better relationship building and brand awareness among prospects and customers. For entrepreneurs who derive to sure success, the key is to choose outdoor events which can easily reach the desired target audiences at the venue with clear defined purpose. Custom Inflatable Structures & Custom Event Tents can prove to be an effective and result oriented promotional tool in the marketing arsenal. It can be used to feed guests, to sell merchandise, host an activity or offer refuge if there is rain or extreme heat. 

Why such tents are crucial for marketing purpose?

According to the industry experts, custom branded tents are likely to drive quickly and easily name recognition as well as allows the organization to showcase the things desired to be promoted. An amazing way to communicate with prospective customers and to show them what the business is all about, including company log and name in company colors can be effective. 

Things to consider when choosing Custom Inflatable Structures & Custom Event Tents

·      Type & size of tent desired: It is crucial to select the most appropriate size. It will be wise to understand from the event sponsor to know what outdoor space is available. Accordingly, it will be essential to determine how the tent is to be best used to serve the intended purpose. For instance, 10’ x 20’ or 10’ x 10’ tents are popularly used by trade show booths and merchandise/food vendors. Large event tents come in 200 – 300 sq. ft. in size and used often for large gatherings or as eating spaces. Once the size is determined, then it is necessary to know how it is to be used for brand messaging. The company’s logo can be printed upon the tent peaks or fully imprinted tent having artwork done on all valances and peaks opted for. Each approach is created to suit different purposes. 

·      Full print event tents: These are designed to act as centerpiece of an outdoor area and do offer amazing visual impact. 

·      Logo print tents: It is used to showcase some text like food vendor or a logo.

Once the type desired is determined, the next step involves checking out the different accessories and design elements that can be used for creating the most appropriate atmosphere for the tent. 

Available accessories

It depends upon the atmosphere type desired to be cultivated.

·      Lighting: It is attractive enough to draw the attention of the customers. It can be a halogen bulb or LED light pointed at the company’s logo. There are also options like chandeliers or lanterns to soften overall appearance. Specialty lighting is also available. Bistro lights used helps the event to glow. 

·      Walls: Different types of wall styles are present in vinyl or mesh. Full white wall is simple looking. Wall options are available ranging from walls with doors, windows and both to half walls. 

·      Flooring: If hosting public activity or trade show both, rubber tiles can be used as it offers flat place for the guests to walk. 

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